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IELTS Listening Test: Academic Part 2


Section: 1

Questions 1-7

Complete the note below

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Person A (A): Hey, how’s everything going?

Person B (B): Not bad, just keeping busy. How about you?

A: Same here. So, tell me, what does your typical day look like?

B: Well, I’m an early riser. I usually wake up around 1______ and start my day with a quick 2________.

A: That sounds refreshing. And then?

B: After that, it’s time for a hearty 3_______. I believe in having a nutritious meal to fuel my mornings.

A: That’s smart. So, what’s your occupation?

B: I work in 4______ for a tech company. It’s demanding, but I enjoy the challenges.

A: Impressive! How do you unwind after work?

B: I’m a 5______ enthusiast. I find playing my guitar really helps me relax.

A: Music is a great way to unwind. What about your evenings?

B: I’m a bit of a foodie, so I like to 6_______ with some new recipes for dinner.

A: That sounds delicious. And before bed?

B: Right before bed, I 7_______ for a while to catch up on the latest news.

A: Your day sounds balanced. Thanks for sharing!

Questions 8-10

Complete the note below.

No more than TWO WORDS for each answer.

8. education is a powerful tool that empowers us with ________

9. education is the key to ________

10. education fosters critical thinking and _______

Section 2

Questions 11-17

Choose the correct letter A, B, C, or D

11. What is the primary goal of the tour guide?

a) To ensure safety only

b) To ensure comfort and enjoyment

c) To provide historical information

d) To offer photography tips

12. How many days will the guided tour last?

a) Three days

b) Four days

c) Five days

d) One week

13. What is recommended for participants to wear during the tour?

a) Formal clothing

b) Comfortable clothing and sturdy footwear

c) Swimming attire

d) Business attire

14. What time should participants gather in the hotel lobby each morning?

a) 7:00 AM

b) 8:00 AM

c) 8:30 AM

d) 9:00 AM

15. What activity will participants NOT have the opportunity to do during the tour?

a) Cooking class

b) Visit markets

c) Sightseeing

d) Indoor games

16. Where will participants have the chance to savor authentic flavors?

a) At the hotel

b) During breakfast

c) At local eateries

d) During outdoor activities

17. What is encouraged in terms of capturing memories during the tour?

a) Bring a camera

b) Leave cameras at home

c) Purchase disposable cameras

d) Use smartphones only

Questions 18-20

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

18. Everyone around you _______manners

19. Good practice to wait at the ________ to be seated by the host or hostess.

20. Help you have great dining _______

Questions 21-25

Please match the questions with the appropriate paragraphs based on the audio transcript.


A. Soccer’s Thrilling Moments

B. The Unity and Reach of Soccer

C. The Simplicity of Soccer

D. Soccer as a Mental Game

E. Soccer’s Global Impact

21. Which aspect of soccer is highlighted as its beauty?


22. What does soccer foster, creating a sense of togetherness?


23. What moments in soccer matches captivate fans?


24. What combination of skills is required to excel in soccer?


25. What characteristic of soccer transcends cultural differences?


Question 26-30

No More than TWO WORDS

They shared a 26._____, and their shared love for adventure and exploration was what truly brought them together. One sunny morning, as they sat by the 27._______, a wild idea crossed their minds. Mia, the free spirit, wished to wander through quaint villages and experience the 28._______ of faraway lands. The excitement grew as they packed their bags with essentials and shared 29._______ of their hopes for the journey ahead. Sarah, Alex, and Mia stood at the town’s entrance, ready to embark on their 30.________.

Questions 31-40

The Industrial Revolution: Transforming Society and Economy

In the midst of a 31.___________. Factors like urbanization, population growth, and advancements in science and technology converged to ignite this 32.________ period. Traditional agricultural practices were facilitated by innovations such as the 33._________.

Innovations and Industrialization:

The hallmark of the Industrial Revolution was the 34._______ development of machinery and technology. 35._____ industry was revolutionized by inventions like the spinning jenny and power loom, leading to mass production of textiles and a surge in demand for 36.________.

Urbanization and Labor Shifts:

People seeking 37._________ opportunities.

Global Influence:

Leading to complex economic relationships between colonial powers and their 38.______.

Environmental Consequences:

Rapid 39.________ led to increased pollution, deforestation, and resource depletion.

Legacy and Continuing Evolution:

Laid the foundation for modern economies and 40._________. Its impact on transportation, communication, and manufacturing continues to influence our world today.

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