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IELTS Listening Test (Academic Part 1)



Questions 1-10

Complete the note below

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

I just got back from my vacation in 1_____

2______? That’s amazing! I’ve always wanted to visit there. How was your trip?

It was 3______. I explored the 4________, hiked in the 5_______, and even took part in some 6_____ activities.

Oh, absolutely. I made friends with a 7______ couple from 8______. We shared stories and had a great time together.

That’s wonderful! What about the local cuisine? Any 9_______ dishes that stood out?

Oh yes, the food was a highlight. I tried the famous 10______ dish


Questions 11-14

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C

11. Where will the party take place?

A) Lisa’s place

B) Mark’s place

C) Sarah’s place

12. What is the nature of the party’s dress code?

A) Formal attire

B) Casual

C) Elegant

13. When is the party scheduled to start?

A) 7:00 PM

B) 8:00 PM

C) 9:00 PM

14. What kind of music will be playing at the party?

A) Classical

B) Jazz

C) Pop

Questions 15-20

Complete The TABLE Below

I met people from 15_______ different countries.

Really? That’s interesting. I had a long chat with a guy from 16_______

Oh, that’s cool! I ended up talking to a group of 17______ who were discussing their travel experiences.

Nice! And did you try the desserts they had near the dance floor? It was delicious.

Oh, yes! Those 18_____ were amazing. I couldn’t stop eating them.

Haha, I’m glad you liked them too. And did you catch the live 19_____ performance?

They played a mix of 20_____ music that got everyone dancing.

Questions 21-26

Choose six answers from the box below (A-H) that correspond to the appropriate questions. Write the correct letter next to each question.


A) Strengthening personal bonds

B) Enhancing public speaking

C) Improving decision-making

D) Encouraging collaboration

E) Avoiding misunderstandings

F) Building effective leadership

G) Enabling persuasive writing

H) Promoting active listening


QuestionSelected Answers
21. How does effective communication contribute to better teamwork in the workplace?
22. What role does communication play in resolving conflicts within personal relationships?
23. How does strong communication empower leaders to guide their teams?
24. In what ways can effective communication benefit public speaking engagements?
25. What importance does clear and concise writing hold in the digital age?
26. How does miscommunication negatively impact personal connections?

Questions 27-30

Choose the correct letter A, B, or C

27. Which type of carbohydrates is recommended for sustained energy and digestion?

A) Sugary foods

B) Whole grains

C) Processed foods

28. What is the primary function of healthy fats from sources like avocados and nuts?

A) Muscle development

B) Energy crashes

C) Heart health

29. Why should excessive red meat consumption be minimized?

A) It supports muscle development.

B) It aids digestion.

C) It’s linked to health risks.

30. How does hydration impact overall well-being?

A) It leads to energy crashes.

B) It aids digestion.

C) It promotes muscle development.

Questions 31-40

Complete the note below

Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Section: The Significance of Trees and the Iconic Brazil Nut Tree

Trees are an essential part of our 31________. One particularly remarkable tree found in the Amazon 32_____ of Brazil is the Brazil nut tree (Bertholletia excelsa).

This majestic tree can reach heights of over 33______ feet and live for several centuries. Its large, hard-shelled fruits contain the famous Brazil nuts that are not only 34______ but also rich in nutrients like selenium and healthy fats.

The 35 _____ are essential for pollinating the flowers, and in return, they collect nectar.

In the Amazon, indigenous 36______ have relied on the Brazil nut tree for generations. The nuts provide a sustainable source of 37_____ and 38______. The process of harvesting and processing the nuts also involves traditional knowledge passed down through generations.

39_______ poses a significant threat to the Brazil nut tree, as well as to the countless 40________that depend on its presence. Efforts to raise awareness about the tree’s importance and the need to preserve its habitat are crucial to its survival.

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